Best Skateboard Wheels Guide

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

When choosing the best wheels for you there are a few factors to keep in mind. Things like what kind of environment will you be skating in? How smooth is the concrete, and how comfortable you are on the board?

Things to consider:

1. Size

Thinking about what sized wheel is right for you the main thing to consider is that the bigger the wheel is the faster/smoother they will help you ride, generally. However, the trade off is that they will be slightly heavier and your board, and may make certain flip trips more difficult. Generally, 52mm - 55mm wheels will do the trick.

2. Durometer

Durometer is another word for how soft/hard a wheel is. Generally, the softer the wheel (lower number) the smoother it will ride. Harder wheels might not roll as smooth, but they will be more able to powerslide, or slide during tricks. Usually, harder wheels are used in street skateboarding. We would usually recommend 99a - 101a's. View some options here.

3. Shape

Shape is not the most important factor when choosing the best skateboard wheel for you, but it is important and there are preferences. A round wheel is a more traditional skateboard wheel, but a conical wheel is one where it cones in, making it perform better when locking into a grind.

To be honest...

We're a little biased, but we think we've found the perfect wheels for any street skateboarder, or transition skater out. Our wheels are made within the U.S. and only use the highest quality urethane available.

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