A few of our skateboard videos we wanted to highlight. Check out these street skateboard videos, and then head to our YouTube page to see more. 

1. Escape to Arizona Trip

Winter is tough. So in Feb. of 2019 some of the guys headed out to Tempe, AZ. to visit Ryan Chlumecky and Nicky Glaser. In between all the raging we did manage to skate some...

2. Sam Heird in "SKATE SHIT"

We met Sam back in Chicago 7, or 8 years ago. If you've met him you know how awesome of a guy he is. Enjoy his part from "SKATE SHIT" also featuring Jake Schaaf.

3. Reed's got the Blooze - Orlando Trip

In 2013 a few of us drove down to Orlando from Chicago through a Winter vortex to go skate. Though it was a rough journey it was epic. Thanks Keith Gibb!